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New Blog Name: Sicangu Shortcut, New Butte Creek Council Rep

Good afternoon Rosebud! Today, RST Comms decided on the names for our new blog and radio show. The new blog name is "Sicangu Shortcut" which was suggested by one of our FB audience members. We thought it was very spot on with what the purpose of the blog is. Sicangu because we are Sicangu of course and Shortcut because we'd like to get a short and sweet, weekly update on whats happening within the Tribe. Perfect and to-the-point!

The new radio show will be called "Rezelations" which was also suggested by one of our audience on FB. Our plan for the show is to talk about various topics that might interest the people of Rosebud. Topics will range from light or carefree, to a little more serious but whatever the topic, we aim to be relatable to our listeners. You can look forward to interesting discussion on, for example, governmental affairs or even frybread recipes, with a little native humor mixed in of course. RST Communications is all about the people; working to make Tribal information accessible and creating new ways to connect and share.

Yesterday, Thursday, October 26th 2023, a Special Election was held for the Butte Creek Council Seat. There were a total of four candidates and after tallying the votes, Evastine "Cowboy" Wright was elected. Today, the RST Election Board held the swearing-in ceremony at 1:45PM in the council chambers here in Rosebud.

Halloween is only a few days away so dont forget to check out the Tribal Secretary's Offices' Trunk Or Treat Event on Halloween day. It will be held at the RST Fairgrounds starting at 11AM and ending at 3PM. RST Comms will be there to get some fun pictures to share. We all love to see the wakanyeja happy.

White Buffalo Calf Society is also "Dancing to Celebrate 45 Years of Service" on October 29th, 2023 at He dog Elem. Gym starting at 1PM. They are having several contests including the Potato Dance and Rabbit Dance. Take your honey, take your kiddos and go win some prizes.

Before we wrap this week up, want to remind everyone that November is Diabetes Awareness month and DPP is kickin' it off with "Hecel Oyate Ki Nipi Kte" 12 Hour Walk on Wed., Nov. 1st, 2023, 8AM-8PM at the Rosebud Wellness Center. They say "join us in prayer for relatives who fight diabetes daily, walk for your loved ones or yourself." Participants will be provided fruit and water and will receive a long sleeve t-shirt.

We'll have another post next week so until then, everyone have a safe weekend and stay warm! Toksa akhe!


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